Kamala’s Chai

Quit ordering “chai tea!” Chai means tea. Don’t be an idiot.
Also, make your own.



3 cups water
1 cup milk (see note below if lactose intolerant)*
8 tsp loose black Red Label tea leaves
1 tsp grated ginger
5 whole cardamom cloves, cracked a bit
5 regular clove-cloves
1 inch cinnamon bark, broken into a few pieces (see note below if you don’t have)**
Sugar to taste

Heat water and milk with all spices. Right as it boils, turn off the heat. Make sure to do this on time or it will taste like old socks! Let steep for 2 minutes. Pour into cup through sieve to strain out all spices. Add sugar.

*Shut up! Milk is good for you.

**Use a little ground cinnamon, but it won’t taste as good. Not my fault.